Sea Turtles Our Ambassadors of the Oceans:

Our site is dedicated to highlight why Sea Turtles are important to the Ocean’s ecosystems. Due to their connection with numerous species, we are able to look into their world to measure the oceans well-being. With the Sea Turtle’s diligent and loving care, they maintain sea grass beds, are responsible for the regeneration of coral reefs, and provide balance to control the populations of jellyfish.

When Sea Turtles hatch, they begin their journey slowing making their way across the beach with hopes of making it to the ocean. During their long-life span, traveling for many years only returning home to mate. This process begins the cycle of transferring nutrients to the beach dunes due to the unhatched eggs and much needed sustenance to birds and animals.

Sea Turtle hatching

Due to the Sea Turtle impacting multiple marine ecosystems, we are truly owing a debt of gratitude to these humble creatures that spend their lives taking care of our Oceans.

Blue Turtles on brown sand
Baby Blue Sea Turtles